Though some divorces are amicable, other instances of divorce become adversarial. Tensions can rise, emotions can be running at a fever pitch, and two people who once lived happily may be going head-to-head for a variety of intensely personal reasons.

Ideally, a divorce is uncontested, which means that the two parties reach a mutual agreement easily and can quickly move on with their lives. However, this may simply not be an option. A contested divorce is often unavoidable.

No matter whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, it’s important to seek out a properly qualified contested divorce attorney in the Albuquerque area. A good lawyer can help you deal with a whole host of factors that may come into play as a contested divorce gets sorted out.

The following is a list of some of the top tips and factors to consider as you’re facing a contested divorce:

Accrue Asset Awareness

Maintain a full awareness of your assets. For your personal knowledge and for the sake of informing your lawyer, asset awareness plays a major role in making the entire divorce process go smoothly. You should not only know what you own, but know what your spouse owns. This could include property, business shares, bank accounts, and more. Asset awareness is imperative if you want to make sure that everything is divided in a fair manner. It helps make sure that each party receives what they rightfully deserve.

Maintain Debt Awareness

The same concept of awareness can be applied to debts. Calculating credit card debt, mortgages, and other kinds of debt will help you maintain a realistic view of what you and your spouse will both be responsible for. Rather than making a slapdash effort that causes worry, debt awareness can help you stay grounded, analytical, and find a solution that holds both parties accountable.

Establish Lawyer Correspondence

During the divorce, your divorce lawyer will be your biggest advocate. Make sure that the lawyer you choose is not only knowledgeable, but prompt and responsive to your needs. At certain points, divorce proceedings may move quite quickly. It’s important that your lawyer can answer your questions in a timely and caring manner.

Avoid Legal Advice From Family

Family members typically want what’s best for you, but if they aren’t lawyers themselves, they may be giving you bad legal advice. Personal bias and an unrealistic view of the judicial system can lead to incorrect and ill-informed advice. Make sure that you follow the advice give only by qualified legal professionals who are familiar with the in’s and out’s of your case.

Your family should be there to support your emotionally, but it’s important that they don’t act as your legal council if they are not actually lawyers. You hire a trained professional for that job: to ensure your case moves in the right direction so that you can achieve optimal results.

Make Sure You’re Fully Prepared

Carrying out a contested divorce can be an intense process. The opposing counsel may focus on areas that you would rather not talk about. It’s important that from the beginning, you are honest with your own counsel. Remember: your communication with your personal lawyer is confidential. Your lawyer can help prepare you for any contested divorce situation that may arise. The goal is to speak your side truthfully and to achieve a fair outcome. Preparation and honesty is the key to doing exactly that.

Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer for You

When a couple marries, they hope that divorce never happens. The reality is that sometimes, divorce does happen, and sometimes, it is contested. While you can’t prepare for every curveball life may throw at you, you can work to properly address hard situations when they arrive. A skilled and capable family law attorney in Albuquerque can help give your the best chance in finding your favorable outcome.

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