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If your business or license is under investigation, you need us as your lawyer. Conflicts with licensing boards can destroy you and your business. Fortunately, our lawyers can stand up for you. Here at Legal Solutions of New Mexico, our lawyers are ready to protect you and your business. Our team of business lawyers has the necessary skills to get you a positive outcome.

Why Get an Administrative Hearing Lawyer in Albuquerque?

Everyone doing business in New Mexico needs to comply with local rules and regulations. When you fail to comply with them, you could be in trouble. There is a long list of consequences that come from non-compliance with the most severe being a revocation of your license. As soon as you encounter issues with regulatory agencies you need to prepare yourself. One of our lawyers can explain what you need to do to fight any accusations. Additionally, we can represent you at your administrative hearing.

Types of Compliance Issues

Administrative hearings occur for a variety of reasons. Here are two of the more common compliance issues that result in hearings:

Healthcare Non-compliance

Healthcare providers in New Mexico face strict licensing requirements. In Albuquerque, healthcare professionals make up about 6% of the workforce. Their employers could find themselves in non-compliance with the rules and regulations. Medical practices and hospitals often find themselves in the need of an administrative hearing lawyer in Albuquerque. It’s an effective way to deal with accusations of non-compliance.

License Defense

If a board or agency threatens your license, they threaten your livelihood. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon occurrence. In the medical field, this is particularly prevalent. You need to defend your license, and that requires legal representation. Your hearing does not need to be the end of your career.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Some individuals don’t realize that they need an administrative hearing lawyer in Albuquerque until it’s too late. Here are a few reasons you might consider working with one of our lawyers:

  • A new regulation is hurting your business
  • There is an unfair denial of workers compensation or social security
  • A board denied you of your business license
  • An agency accuses you of violating a rule or regulation

If you wait too long to get legal representation, the issue could get out of control. It’s important to seek legal advice before the situation worsens.

Getting the Guidance You Need

No matter what your reason for an administrative hearing might be, you need guidance. Our team has experience representing businesses against a variety of administrative industries. Whether you are dealing with federal or state agencies, you could be in for a battle. Administrative law differs greatly from civil law. There are specific rules and procedures, and they vary depending on the agency or board. If you work with a business lawyer in Albuquerque, you can know what to expect. Although every Albuquerque administrative hearing is different, one fact remains the same. You deserve a voice. When you work with us at Legal Solutions of New Mexico, you can have your voice heard.

We’re There Every Step of the Way

Here at Legal Solutions of New Mexico, we want to be there for you. When you first suspect you have a problem, you can work with us. Our lawyers can explain the situation to you. Whether you’re fighting accusations or fighting an agency decision, our lawyers can prepare you for what could occur. Once you know what to expect, you can understand your options. If you need an administrative hearing, our experienced team can stand up for you in court. The right representation can make all the difference. Handling these business matters on your own can be a recipe for disaster. Because our lawyers have experience in administrative hearings, they know what it takes to get good results. You can have confidence in your case. If you’re ready for some help, contact us at Legal Solutions of New Mexico. Our law firm is ready to take on your administrative hearing in New Mexico.

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