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The adoption process anywhere in the United States can be complicated, but if you are looking to adopt a child or put a child for adoption in Albuquerque, you can rest easy knowing that there is a team of legal professionals working with you to ensure that the entire transition goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation to begin the adoption process or explore your options, and read more below to get a better idea of how adoption law works in New Mexico. Adoption Lawyer Albuquerque

How Complicated Is The Adoption Process?

There is no cut and dried answer to this question, as it depends on whether you are placing the child for adoption or are trying to adopt, where the child is coming from, and many other factors. This is why it is important that you have an initial consultation with a family attorney as soon as possible so that you can determine any possible roadblocks, understand what to expect, and get a general idea of the overall process.

Placing Your Child For Adoption

Adoption is a very good option for an unplanned pregnancy or any circumstance where you feel you will not be able to properly care for a child. As soon as you make contact with us, we will begin working on a plan for your adoption, such as working to find an adoptive family and managing the details for you.

Adopting a Child

Adopting a child is significantly more complicated and expensive than placing your child for adoption. There are laws between countries that either limit or restrict adoptions, and there is a long waiting process after you have completed the vetting and interview process to even be approved to adopt. We will work with you through all of the steps of the adoption process, from getting approved by an agency to finally bringing your child home, to ensure that you can focus on getting your family ready to invite a new member while we focus on the paperwork and details.

How Much Does Adoption Cost?

Adoptions can be complicated and costly, and the cost will vary significantly depending on a variety of factors such as the child’s country of origin and the legal fees associated with every step of the way. A normal adoption can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000 depending, and could go up from there for any number of reasons. It is important that you work with a professional who is experienced with the adoption process in New Mexico so that you are able to develop an expectation of what your process will look like before you begin.

Can I Adopt a Child?

If you have decided that you would like to adopt a child into your family, there is a serious vetting process that you must undergo before you are approved. This is a very important safety measure for the adopted child, to ensure that they are going to a warm and loving home that will suit their needs and support them as they grow.

Adoption agencies will do home visits, background checks, and extensive interviews to determine your eligibility before you are approved. After approval, you will then begin the process of looking for the right fit to your home, at which point you will begin the long legal process of adoption.

Contact Us Today

If you are considered adoption as an option to either place your child, or welcome a new family member into your home, contact us today. The process can be confusing and complicated, and our team of family attorneys in Albuquerque are ready to help you through every step of the way. Schedule an initial consultation now to begin this exciting process immediately.

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