Domestic Violence Lawyer Albuquerque

If you are dealing with domestic violence and need legal support to protect yourself, contact Legal Solutions of New Mexico today. You will be able to discuss your situation with a family law attorney, understand your available options, and work to get in a safe situation as quickly as possible. Our team understands the importance of sensitivity and speed when dealing with domestic violence, and will help you understand how to get yourself safe and secure while working towards a permanent solution. Contact us today to speak with a family attorney, and take an important step towards protecting yourself and your family. Domestic Violence Lawyer Albuquerque

How Does New Mexico Help Protect Victims of Domestic Violence?

The City of Albuquerque takes domestic violence very seriously, and has programs in place to protect victims as they are trying to get out of a dangerous situation. If you are in immediate danger, contact the Albuquerque Police immediately to protect yourself. Your safety is the most important factor of this situation, and it is important that you take the correct measures to stay safe even before discussing legal options with an attorney if the situation requires it.

When you are in a safe situation, contact us immediately to discuss your options. We will work to file a protective order to keep you and possibly your children safe while we begin the process of moving your situation into the legal system. Our first priority is your safety.

How Can I File For Divorce If I Am Afraid Of My Spouse?

In many domestic violence situations, a spouse can feel “trapped,” and may not move towards legal options for fear of retaliation against them or their loved ones. We will discuss your safety options, such as finding you a shelter or safe place to stay while your divorce is served, and to explore any and all options to remain safe during the divorce process and after it is finalized.

Because your situation is unique, it is important that you discuss your options with a legal professional to be sure that you are exercising your rights and prioritizing your safety in every way possible. There are many options in New Mexico for victims of domestic abuse, and we will work with you to be sure that you are safe.

What Are Some Warning Signs Of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is not as simple as physical assault, although it may include physical violence. Below are some other actions in a relationship that are considered domestic violence, and behaviors that you should speak with a professional about as soon as possible:

  • Controlling behavior
  • Jealousy
  • Destruction of property
  • Threatening violence to you or others
  • Mistrust and accusations
  • Sexual assault
  • Gets violent or aggressive when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Physical assault
  • Verbal and emotional abuse

There are many different ways that domestic violence shows itself, and each is equally important and needs to be addressed. If you are experiencing any of the above behaviors, or are in a different situation that you believe is abusive, contact us today to discuss your options.

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If you are a victim of domestic violence, the time to act is now. Before contacting an attorney to discuss your next steps, be sure that you are in a safe place and your contact will not lead to future lashing out from your partner. During your initial consultation with us, we will identify the quickest and most important steps to take to get yourself in a safe place where you will be able to work on finding a long-term and permanent solution for this situation. Your safety, and the safety of your children, is the most important aspect of this entire situation, and you can focus on safety with the confidence that a family lawyer is focusing on your legal options.

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