New Mexico Cannabis Business Consulting

New Mexico Cannabis Business ConsultingWith great opportunity often comes great risk.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in New Mexico has opened many doors that were previously closed for entrepreneurs in the state.

But cannabis businesses are subject to stringent regulations – and the regulatory frameworks are still being formed in most cases.

We’re here to help you navigate the hurdles in setting up, establishing and growing your cannabis business.

Our cannabis business consulting services look after the legal side of things while you focus on doing what you are most interested in – producing, distributing, marketing and selling the products you love.

The in-depth knowledge of our cannabis industry lawyers helps all types of cannabis business owners in New Mexico, including cultivators, processors, transporters, and dispensaries.

We will ensure that your business has the right structure and meets the compliance requirements to develop efficiently and productively in the future.

How our cannabis business consulting services can help

Most cannabis business owners we speak to in the Albuquerque area are excited by the prospects that lie ahead – but they have many questions when setting up their business.

This is natural with a relatively new industry where the legislation is still being shaped.

During this time, we have developed profound insights into the cannabis industry and we have kept fully abreast of the legal situation since it became clear that recreational cannabis would be legalized here (as it was in June 2021).

With most business owners in New Mexico still getting used to the laws, there are many areas that we can help with as cannabis business consultants and lawyers.

We will look at your business from a legal standpoint – working in your best interests to protect you from future risks. Every consultation is tailored to the needs of your business and will help to optimize it for the long term.

We help you get set up with the right documentation, obtain the right business and occupational licenses, and draft or review the contracts and lease agreements you need.

Start-up services

There are some complex challenges for business owners who want to enter the recreational cannabis industry.

Whether a producer, distributor or retailer of cannabis products, success begins with optimizing your setup and taking note of the changes to legal requirements along the way.

Cannabis business licenses

Evolving industry regulations mean that obtaining a cannabis license is no simple process unless you are prepared for it.

We can secure production and retail licenses for business owners in the industry. We are intimately familiar with the process and will help you prepare all the correct cannabis business license documentation so that your application goes smoothly.

Cannabis business compliance

Noncompliance with regulations in the cannabis industry in New Mexico can have serious repercussions for your business – with fines, holds, suspensions, or closures.

Our cannabis business consultants help you navigate the laws and the guidelines with confidence from the start. As you become established, it becomes important to audit compliance levels regularly to ensure that you identify potential violations, correct any faults, and remain legal.

Contract and lease drafting

If you are looking to purchase or rent out space for a cannabis business, the advice and support of skilled lawyers can help with the drafting of comprehensive cannabis contracts that protect your business.

Because of the complexities with contracts for cannabis businesses, the right legal assistance becomes even more important than for many other types of startups.

Cannabis standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures establish a set of base protocols for cannabis businesses, helping business owners follow best practices in the industry.

We can help you create a set of user-friendly and comprehensive SOPs that set out well-defined processes that guide operations in your cannabis business for years to come.

Production services 

Production includes growing cannabis and manufacturing products from cannabis.

If you are entering the production side of the cannabis business, you may require legal assistance with business formation, securing a license and drafting or reviewing the relevant lease agreements and contracts.

Business formation

Growing, extracting, manufacturing, and retailing cannabis products requires the type of know-how that you likely already possess. We won’t tell you how to do that.

Our know-how is in how to set up your business so that you encounter fewer issues as you become established in the cannabis industry in New Mexico.

Our cannabis business formation services help you create a dependable launchpad for a successful operation.

Occupational licenses

If you are entering the industry as a producer, you should expect major scrutiny with business license applications and matters of compliance.

Our cannabis business consulting services include helping you obtain an occupational license for your business by preparing or reviewing your application so that you get off to the right start.

Do you have a legal issue with your existing cannabis business or need help in setting up a new business?

Call (505) 445-4444 to talk to a knowledgeable cannabis lawyer at Legal Solutions of New Mexico in Albuquerque.


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