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Legal Solutions of New Mexico are supporters of the cannabis industry. LSNM wants to help New Mexico become a forefront for cannabusiness entrepreneurs. However, highly regulated medical and adult-use cannabis industries face an onslaught of federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing, and the many business activities that are ancillary to the core business functions.  LSNM takes up arms against those hurdles and will advocate accordingly.

Cannabis Law in New Mexico:

Legal Solutions of New Mexico are the proud founders of the New Mexico State Bar’s first ever Cannabis Law Section; a law section dedicated to New Mexico’s cannabis issues, rules and laws.

If you have any questions regarding Cannabis Business Licenses, please review Carlos's video on How to Get a Cannabis Business License in New Mexico.

Legal Solutions of New Mexico are also legal experts in the areas of hemp, hemp production, CBD and other emerging industries here in New Mexico!

License Application Preparation and Consulting:

Legal Solutions of New Mexico are the law firm professionals consult with when preparing, modifying or just looking to navigate through New Mexico’s oftentimes tricky cannabis and hemp laws. Legal Solutions of New Mexico will guide you through the intense process and help you prepare a successful application to be licensed as a cultivator, manufacturer, courier, or hemp producer

Regulation and Compliance:

We offer expert legal advice regarding New Mexico’s cannabis program rules and regulations as well as New Mexico’s hemp and CBD programs. LSNM helps business owners keep their licenses and operations in compliance with all rules and regulations in order to give business people peace of mind and assurance that they are acting within New Mexico state laws.

Business Formation:

Legal Solutions of New Mexico will guide you through the process of choosing the right legal structure to operate your business to ensure you are in compliance with the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act.

Bylaws and Operating Agreements:

We know that any successful business has carefully and meticulously drafted governing documents. If you are a corporation, we will help you draft your bylaws and if you are a limited liability company, we will help you draft your operating agreement. LSNM will help your business go from good to great, to unstoppable!


Legal Solutions of New Mexico is at the forefront of New Mexico hemp and CBD legislation and will guide you through New Mexico’s hemp program. Get ahead of the game and call to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys and we will help navigate, understand and begin your hemp and CBD adventure!  Please visit our Cannabis law FAQs for more information.

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