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New Mexico attorneys. Experts in the law, and more importantly, experts in client care, service and communication. You need answers. We are the lawyers who can help you and actually want to help you. We know the frustration of dealing with bad attorneys, and we strive to be different (i.e. we have souls, personalities, and senses of humor). We will be the decision that you wish you made a long time ago.

Family Law

Get help now in custody and divorce cases. Fight for your children, protect your assets, stand up for your rights.

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Business Litigation & Consulting

We can start your business. We can grow your business. You dominate your industry.

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Personal Injury

If you have been injured and need help getting recovery and reimbursement for your pain and suffering, we will help you today.

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Cannabis Law

Here at LSNM, we recognize the continuously changing and growing nature of the cannabis community. Our attorneys provide the information and forward-thinking guidance that businesses and individuals need to understand the complicated and evolving rules in this highly-regulated industry.

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We Serve in Many Other Ways Too

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Carlos N. Martinez, Esq.

Managing Partner

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McKenzie St. Denis, Esq.


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